Current Lead Times for Commercial HVAC Equipment & Ductwork

hvac equipment lead times

Lead times for HVAC equipment and ductwork fabrication are major variables that can significantly delay your commercial construction projects. Estimating lead times is challenging for GCs and builders because:

  • Lead times vary by equipment manufacturer
  • Lead times are constantly changing
  • Customizing equipment can double or even triple the lead time

Staying on top of the latest lead times is time consuming and requires HVAC expertise. But if you plan project timelines without accurate information about HVAC lead times, it’s very likely that you’ll experience delays. 

That’s why we’re sharing the current lead times for top brands of HVAC equipment as well as custom ductwork fabrication, which is often a requirement that causes project delays.

HVAC equipment lead times as of April 2024

Basic stock units (3 to 20 tons) with no customization: 4 weeks

Large tonnage units (over 20 tons): 14-16 weeks

Specialized accessories (such as hot gas reheat): 10 weeks

Modified equipment: 20 to 24 weeks

Highly customized equipment: 30 weeks

VRF systems: 4 weeks

TIP: VRF systems are a great option when space is limited!

Custom ductwork lead times

Rightsized ductwork is the key to a reliable, optimized HVAC system. However, the lead times can wreak havoc on the schedule. 

Worthing Air can fabricate custom ductwork as part of new construction HVAC install or retrofit without the need to wait weeks or even months.

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