Commercial & Industrial HVAC Maintenance


Expert commercial & industrial HVAC maintenance protects your investment

For business owners in NJ, HVAC systems are a mission-critical investment. Planned commercial & industrial HVAC maintenance in the spring and fall (prior to startup of your AC or heating system) helps keep your equipment working efficiently, effectively, and reliably.

Prevent breakdowns

Commercial & industrial HVAC maintenance includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of your equipment. Your technician can identify minor issues or failing parts and proactively fix them before they become major issues. That prevents breakdowns and expensive repairs later on.

Avoid business disruption

When your heating or cooling systems break down, that impacts your business with lost customers, reduced employee productivity, and even damage to your space. Regular maintenance helps prevent emergency breakdowns with proactive service.

Extend your equipment life

When your equipment is kept in peak condition with regular maintenance, there’s less wear and tear on the parts. That means your equipment lasts longer, so you can put off the expense of a replacement for a few extra years.

Reduce energy expenses

With regular maintenance, your equipment works more efficiently, heating and cooling your space while running as little as possible. That consumes less energy and keeps your utility bills as low as possible.

Improve comfort conditions

Maintenance technicians can tune up your system and correct minor issues to make your HVAC equipment work more effectively. You get the most consistent heating and cooling and optimized comfortable conditions in your workplace.

Benefits of a commercial HVAC maintenance contract

It’s smart and convenient to invest in a contract for commercial HVAC preventative maintenance. Here’s what you get: 

Best Price

A yearly HVAC maintenance contract costs less than getting maintenance without a contract.

Trusted Partner

With regular contract service, you get a team of experts who know your equipment and your business.

Priority Service

If you ever need emergency service, contract customers get priority service.

Customized Service

A commercial HVAC maintenance contract can be customized based on your budget, your equipment, and the specific needs of your business.

Worthing Air does an extraordinary job servicing our HVAC units. They help create a schedule which accomodates our mechanical needs and budget and then follow up when service is due so we don’t even have to think about it! Everyone is incredibly professional and polite. You won’t be dissappointed using Worthing Air!

William Walsh

Owner, Chick-fil-A

Why choose Worthing for commercial & industrial HVAC maintenance in NJ?

Here’s why Worthing Air is the commercial HVAC company many businesses in Northern NJ trust to keep their heating and cooling systems up and running:

Quick response

You can always speak to a person during business hours, and we get back to you fast 24/7.

Clear contracts

Our contracts aren’t written in legalese or technical language. You’ll clearly understand the terms and what’s included.

Discounted parts

If you need parts for minor repairs discovered during a contract maintenance visit, you’ll get those at a discount.

Quality work

Our technicians follow ASHRAE standards and recommendations for all HVAC maintenance and repairs, so you get reliable results.

Heating & cooling equipment and brands we service

We service a variety of brands including Trane, Carrier, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and more, including the following types of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment:

Rooftop units

Heat pumps

VRF systems

Split systems

Ductless mini splits

Duct fabrication & modifications

Exhaust systems

Fans and louvers

Gas detection systems

PTAC or packaged units

Mitsubishi Electric

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