Benefits of Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

hvac coil cleaning

Your business depends on reliable air conditioning. We don’t have to tell you how important regular maintenance is to keep your HVAC working reliably. But are you getting everything you need from your preventative maintenance service? Cleaning air conditioner coils is an important maintenance task that’s treated as an “extra” by some service providers.

Here’s what you need to know about HVAC coil cleaning and its benefits for your system and your business.

How dirty AC coils harm your system

Cleaning air conditioner coils is one of the most important aspects of HVAC maintenance because pollution (both indoors and out) collects on the coils and prevents effective heat transfer. 

When the evaporator coil (part of the indoor unit) gets coated with grime, the coil can’t remove heat effectively from your space. You may notice that the system runs longer as it struggles to reach the set temperature. 

When the condenser coil is filthy (it’s outside, so that happens fast), it can’t release heat effectively. That puts a tremendous burden on the compressor motor and can cause it to fail, which leads to an expensive repair or even a replacement.

How to check if your HVAC coils need cleaning

Your coils should be cleaned at least once a year.

How can you tell if your HVAC coils need attention? If your condensing unit is accessible (it’s usually outdoors next to the building or on the roof), take a look at the coil fins and see for yourself. If they haven’t been cleaned in a while, you’ll be able to see the buildup on the coils and the fan blade. 

Cleaning air conditioner coils: 5 reasons to do it now

1. Prevent expensive repairs

As I mentioned earlier, dirty condenser coils in particular put an increased load on the compressor motor, one of the most critical (and expensive) components of your air conditioning system. Cleaning air conditioner coils regularly helps to prevent compressor failure. 

Another problem that’s caused by dirty coils is corrosion. When pollution and other contaminants sit on the coil fins for a long time, they can eat away at the metal and cause tiny holes. Then you end up with a refrigerant leak, which reduces cooling capacity and can cause the coils to freeze up. That’s dangerous, not only for your AC system, but because it can lead to a water leak that damages your space.

2. Prolong equipment life

Keeping your AC coils clean makes your system work more efficiently. That means it runs less and doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your space. In turn, that reduces wear and tear on the parts, so your equipment lasts longer.

3. Reduce AC energy expenses

When dirty coils make your air conditioner run longer and more often, that drives up your electricity bills. Coil cleaning increases efficiency and keeps your operating costs down.

4. Protect your indoor air quality

Buildup on the evaporator coil, especially when combined with excess moisture, can create conditions where mold can grow. And the evaporator is part of the air handler that blows directly into your space. The last thing you want is mold spores contaminating your air and possibly making people sick. 

The evaporator coil may not be as easy for you to inspect, so it’s imperative to have your HVAC service team checking its condition and cleaning it periodically.

5. Optimize comfort 

If your air conditioner’s coils are coated with grime, your system is not able to cool as effectively. You’ll notice an improvement in performance when you keep the coils clean.

Coil cleaning is not a DIY task

Facilities managers are sometimes tempted to take on coil cleaning themselves to save a little money. We definitely advise against this! Coil cleaning requires specialized equipment, cleaners and technique to make sure the sensitive coil fins don’t get damaged. There’s also a risk of electric shock or fire hazards if you’re not properly trained.

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