5 Ways Commercial HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money

commercial hvac maintenance

With all the responsibilities that come with running a business, it’s easy to neglect maintaining your HVAC system. As long as it seems to be working, it tends to be out of sight and out of mind. However, it’s worth paying a little attention to your HVAC, because regular commercial HVAC maintenance can bring significant cost savings. Here’s how.

How commercial HVAC maintenance boosts your bottom line

1. Prevent expensive repairs

When you have experts regularly inspect and maintain your HVAC equipment, you prevent small problems from becoming big (and expensive) problems. For example:

Compressor failure. Your technician can replace a worn wire (a quick and inexpensive fix) to prevent an electrical short that takes down your compressor. This part is the heart of the system, and it’s very expensive to replace.

Frozen coils. Changing filters and adjusting fan speeds can prevent air flow problems that cause air conditioning coils to freeze up. Replacing coils can cost you big time, and air conditioning downtime isn’t great for your business, either.

2. Extend equipment lifespan 

Equipment manufacturers claim that commercial HVAC equipment should last 15 to 20 years. But that’s under ideal conditions: when equipment has been properly cared for with regular commercial HVAC maintenance. If you neglect maintenance, expect the lifespan of your units to be significantly reduced.

The cost of maintenance, especially with a yearly contract, is far less than the cost of replacing equipment prematurely due to neglect.

3. Reduce energy costs 

Regular maintenance keeps your equipment working at optimal efficiency. That means it runs less and uses less energy. For example:

Clean filters prevent air flow problems that make the system have to work harder to reach the set temperature.

Clean condenser coils optimize heat transfer so your AC can remove heat from your space efficiently and effectively.

TIP: If you have invested in energy-efficient equipment in an effort to reduce utility bills, commercial HVAC maintenance is essential. Without it, over time your system will lose efficiency and you won’t see the energy savings you expected.

4. Improve workplace productivity

Here’s a benefit you might not expect. With properly maintained HVAC equipment keeping your space comfortable, your employees aren’t distracted by the temperature and can get more done. Workers accomplish less and make more mistakes when the workplace temperature is too hot or too cold.

A Cornell University study showed that companies may be paying as much as 10 percent more in labor costs due to poor temperature control in the office. The cost savings was estimated at $2 per hour per worker, and that was in 2004. Imagine what the cost savings would be today, simply for keeping your space at an optimal temperature?

5. Prevent damage 

When HVAC systems go down, you can end up with damage to your space and items in the space. For example:

Water leaks from clogged AC condensate lines or drain pans can damage walls and ceilings and even lead to mold growth that’s difficult and expensive to remedy.

Stored inventory can be damaged by excessive heat, cold, or humidity when your HVAC goes down and it takes days to get a repair or weeks to get a replacement.

That’s why we call it preventative maintenance. Taking care of your equipment regularly helps to prevent breakdowns that can cost you in many ways.

What does commercial HVAC maintenance involve?

Commercial HVAC maintenance is all about keeping your system in optimal operating condition, so it works as efficiently and effectively as possible. In general, maintenance visits include:

Inspecting and testing the system to find signs of wear and tear or impending problems

Cleaning components such as coils, drain pans and condensate lines to prevent clogs that impede system operation

Changing filters, lubricating parts, and replacing worn parts as needed to prevent failures

The specific task list will depend on your system, your operating conditions, and the needs of your business.

How often is HVAC maintenance needed?

Most businesses need commercial HVAC maintenance four times per year. However, you might need maintenance more often depending on your environment, equipment type, or occupancy conditions.

TIP: You’ll get the best price for HVAC maintenance with a yearly contract. And you’ll also get a team of technicians who know your equipment and your needs.

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