Best Commercial Ductless Air Conditioner: The Mini Split

commercial ductless air conditioner

This commercial ductless air conditioner can make your business more comfortable & productive

Comfortable employees get more work done. That’s a well-established fact. If your business has nagging HVAC issues, chances are it’s costing you in a variety of ways.

The good news is, solving your problems doesn’t necessarily require a complete HVAC system replacement. There’s a commercial ductless air conditioner that can supplement your existing system and solve specific problems that are hurting your business. It’s called a mini split HVAC system.

Keep reading to learn more about mini splits and how they can solve a whole host of comfort issues for your business.

What is a ductless mini split?

A ductless mini split HVAC system is different from a typical ducted air conditioning system. Instead of one central unit that produces cool air and distributes it throughout the building using ducts, a mini split system has multiple smaller units (called air handlers) installed in each area. They don’t require ducts. The air handlers blow cooled air directly into each room.

Some types (called heat pumps) can even supply both heat and cooling.

Don’t get the idea that a mini split hvac system is like window air conditioners. The system has a central condensing unit and uses refrigerant supplied through conduit pipes. It can be centrally controlled, and the air handlers are small and unobtrusive.

There are a number of advantages to using these commercial ductless air conditioners, either as a complete system or to supplement an existing HVAC system.

6 Comfort problems you can solve with a mini split HVAC system

1. Central air without ducts

If your business is located in an older building that doesn’t have space in the walls or ceilings for ductwork, you might think you’re stuck with window air conditioners for cooling. A mini split is a better commercial ductless air conditioner that’s more energy efficient, easier to install and service than ducted systems, and can provide consistent temperatures throughout your space.

2. Super-cooling for IT server rooms

Computer servers produce a great deal of heat, and need to be kept cool to prevent network slowdowns or even failures. However, you don’t want the rest of your space to be as cold as your computer room, or you’ll have an employee mutiny on your hands.

A mini split can solve this problem, too. In this case it’s installed as a supplemental system that can be controlled independently. Your computer room can be as cold as needed without impacting other areas.

3. Supplemental HVAC for add-on spaces

Are you planning to build an addition onto your existing space? Or are you thinking of leasing additional space in your building that’s not connected to your existing HVAC system? A mini split HVAC system can provide supplemental cooling in the new space without having to replace your entire system.

4. Banishing hot and cold spots

Sometimes a building with a ducted HVAC system can end up with areas that aren’t optimally heated or cooled: hot spots in summer and cold ones in winter. That happens when duct runs are not well designed in the first place, or become insufficient for the usage of the space over time.

A mini split can solve that problem by providing supplemental heat and/or cooling to areas that need it, without having to replace ductwork.

5. Creating independent zones

Even if your ducted system is well designed, you may find that different areas in your building have different heating and cooling requirements. Manufacturing, warehouses, offices, conference rooms, and kitchens and restrooms need different levels of heat and AC, and sometimes at different times of the day.

Installing a mini split system allows you to create zones that can be independently controlled, so each area gets the right amount of heat and/or air conditioning.

6. Supplemental AC for home offices

Like many, you may find yourself working out of a home office at times. It may be located in your basement, garage, or another out-of-the-way spot. That’s great for having a quiet place to work, but you might find the air conditioning less than adequate.

Installing a ductless mini split in your home office can solve this problem, too.

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